Looking for the best dog food brands? So are we.

Dog Food Reviews

Doug loves any kind of food. Tammy is a picky eater. Between the two of them, they will taste test and report on the best dog food.

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Dog Vitamin Supplement Reviews

Dougdog is a 10 year old senior. Tammy is a rooting-tooting pup with a rumbly tummy and bad ears. They will review the facts, myths and science behind doggie supplements.

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Best Subscription Boxes for Your Dog

Just like you have subscription boxes for food (Hello Fresh, Imperfect Produce) and clothes (Stitch Fix, Nordstrom Trunk), there are also subscription boxes for dogs.

We'll try out the best subscription boxes for dogs. Tammy and Doug will keep you posted.

While we perform our reviews, here are some of the most popular dog subscription boxes:

  • BarkBox subscriptions start at $22 and change depending on the weight of your dog. This is the most popular dog treat subscription box on the market.
  • RescueBox is a newer subscription service that supports rescue charities, specifically Rescue Bank (food bank for dog shelters) and Greater Good.
  • BullyMake Box is the most expensive of the three at $39 per month, but there is a 14 day guarantee on all their products. These boxes are particularly made for power chewers. (See "About Us," Tammy Lynne's profile)

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