Play & Learning

Play and learning. They are both important parts of your dog's life.

We'll cover interactive dog toys, doggie daycare, dog training, dog parks, dog-friendly bars in Houston.


Food & Treats

"Can I have some of that, mom?"

In this section you will find info on dog food, dog treats and dog recipes.

Things like "Should I feed raw?" and "Is kibble still ok?" keep Houston dog moms up at night.


Wellness includes more than just vetting. It includes information on common dog ailments, home remedies, when to see a vet. It's helpful tips on dog nail trims and grooming.

And you can bet we cover fun rescue topics like "Does this smell like demodex mange or is it scabies?"


Houston Dog Rescue!

Houston dog rescuers are an amazing group of people. I've been floored by their kindness and compassion and the depths they go to save a dog.

In this section we'll feature local Houston dog rescuers, and adoptable dogs.

Urgent Shelter Pets Houston

I'm privileged to work with an amazing group of dog rescue networkers across the country at part of Urgent Shelter Pets Houston.

Posting videos is just the start, and that's handled by local Houston peeps.

But behind the scenes, each video has a chat, and volunteers from across Texas (and across the country!) monitor comments. If there is foster and rescue interest, they work to connect the two.

We also tabulate donation pledges, and connect potential donors to rescue groups.

Follow Urgent Shelter Pets Houston on Facebook to see videos posted daily! Then share to help save these dogs!

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