Social interaction, play and structure are a necessary part of your dogs life.

Best Dog Trainers in Houston

Tammy the Tenacious has been with some of the best dog trainers in Houston. She now walks great on a leash and has a ribbon from her first (and only) obedience dog show. She still has a prey drive out the wazzoo and hates other dogs.

My favorite dog trainers are listed below.

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Best Dog Boarding in Houston

Dog boarding in Houston ranges from kennels to doggie suites complete with a pool, couch, TV and video camera so you can check in on your sweet baby.

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Best Doggie Daycare in Houston

Best is, of course, subjective. And it's also related to location. After all, Houston is huge. And you aren't going to travel from Sugarland to Tomball to board your dog, no matter how good it is.

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