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Special Promo: Texas Pet Food Company

Looking for a new dog food for your favorite doggo? While fresh food is popular now, it’s super expensive. So when I found out about a brand that Texas made, and based right here in Houston, I had to find out more.

Read on for the review, and to find out how you can get $20 off your first order of $29+, plus support a local Houston animal shelter!

fresh local made kibble from Texas Pet food company plus custom mix-ins and add-ins makes for a happy dog!

Texas Pet Food Company Product Review

My approach on dog food is simple. I’m not a veterinarian and not trained in dog nutrition. But I look for human-grade ingredients. And when I look at the ingredient list, I want to see things I would want to eat.

Texas Pet Food Company has three different lines of dog kibble: Ancient Grains, Grain-Free, Purpose (Puppy or Senior Food).

My preference was the “Ancient Grains” mix. Rather than using wheat, corn, soy beans or potato, they use Texas-grown ancient grains like sorghum, millet, flaxseed and quinoa. Other ingredients in this line include human-grade protein, plus things like apple cider vinegar, cod liver oil, kelp, blueberries, cranberries, pumpkin, spinach and chamomile.

And, all of the foods have real meat or fish as their first ingredient, not meat meal or fish meal (with the exception of the Pork & Catfish Ancient Grains Recipe.)

Texas Pet Food Company packaging showing dog food with custom mix ins plus treats and jerky

All ingredients are sourced in the USA, and the food is manufactured in Texas, in a small family-owned manufacturing facility. And, the foods are formulated by someone with a PhD in animal nutrition.

The production process uses low-heat extrusion technology, which protects nutrients and produces a nutritionally dense kibble.

For example, the high quality kibble I was feeding was 400 calories per cup; Texas Pet Food Company kibble is 500 calories per cup. Less food in, less mess to clean up.

For Doug, my 11-year old catahoula/blue heeler, I went with Pacific Whitefish, Salmon and Cod Ancient Grains. For Tammy, my 6-year old black mouth cur with a million allergy issues, I went with Chicken and Turkey Grain Free.

But that was only the start of the selections.

Dog Food Mix In; Customize Your Dog Kibble

Like many people, I like to give my dogs a little treat or kibble mix in with their food. And when you order Texas Pet Food Company kibble, you have the choice of two different FREE “build-a-better-bowl” customizations.

  • You can pick a 5 ounce bag of meal topper — chicken, turkey, beef or salmon jerky (also sold separately).
  • Or, you can pick from an assortment of dog food mix ins, which is what I did.

For Tammy, my picky eater with skin issues, I added a protein boost of freeze-dried chicken, air-dried veggies, dried pumpkin and salmon oil. For Doug, my senior dog, I added freeze-dried chicken, a bacon flavor boost, air-dried veggies and hip and joint supplement.

Texas Pet Food Company texas-made kibble with meat and human-grade quality plus mix ins

Here are the items you can pick for a dog food mix in, all for free!

  • Protein Boost: freeze dried chicken or freeze dried beef
  • Flavor Boost: bacon, chicken, beef, salmon, peanut butter or white cheddar
  • Air-Dried Veggies: mix of diced carrots, sweet potatoes, yellow peas, bell peppers, celery, kale and parsley
  • Air-Dried Pumpkin
  • Air Dried Fruit: Mix of whole blueberries, whole cranberries and diced apple
  • Nooch (nutritional yeast with amino acids)
  • Alaskan Salmon Oil
  • Hip & Joint Supplement

Don’t be expecting big chunks of dried veggies and meat. I was a little disappointed in that part of it. But I was able to identify the air dried ingredients that were added. And I like that it’s not just plain kibble.

But….Texas Pet Food Company’s owner tells us that they are planning to switch over to larger veggie pieces in a few months. And they will be switching from ground meat toppers to meat chunks. Yum!

My order was custom mixed by their “barkista” to include all my selections. Each bag was labeled specifically for my dog and my recipe selections. It was all nicely packaged and appeared on my doorstep within 1 day of my order.

Texas Pet Food Company offers free delivery with a $49+ order, with shipping under $5 for other orders. To maintain product quality, they do not yet ship outside of Texas.

Will My Dogs Like Texas Pet Food Company Kibble?

But the big question on any dog food is, “Will my dogs like this?”

As I look over at my picky eater, Tammy, I’m comforted by the gentle relaxed wag of her tail as she cleans her bowl.

sweet Tammy the dog has allergies but with Texas Pet Food Company her hair is growing back.

That means a lot because she’s suspicious of any new food, possibly due to her food and environmental allergies. She is allergic to brewer’s yeast and potato, both common in commercial dog food. I’m happy to say that she’s stopped her obsessive chewing and her fur is looking great!

Doug enjoyed his fish-based (and bacon-flavor enhanced) kibble with a little bit of warm water, which is suggested as a way to release the flavors.

And if your pets don’t love their food? Texas Pet Food Company offers the Empty Bowl Guarantee. If your dogs don’t love the food, just contact Go Fetch to return the unused portion. They’ll promptly issue a refund or replace it with a different recipe.

Here’s an added reason to give it a try. $20 off your order!

Just use this link or use promo code HoustonDogMom$20 at checkout. You’ll get $20 off your first order

$29 minimum order; delivery in texas only.

Go Fetch Dog Treats and Chews

In addition to testing the dog kibble, we checked out the treats and chews. Texas Dog Food Company markets treats under the brand name “Go Fetch!”

Both dogs loved the Turkey Jerky and Salmon Jerky (4 paws up). You can buy these alone, or order them as a free topper for your dog food.

The Dental Chews were a hit, as were the Pumpkin Chews and the Banana Peanut & Blueberry Chews. Doug enjoyed all of these, but due to the brewer’s yeast ingredient (super common in chews, along with tapioca starch), Tammy didn’t get to indulge.

dog treats fresh made grain free chews and biscuits from Go Fetch Texas Pet Food Company

Last up, I filled my doggie treat jar with biscuits. Roast Beef & Blueberry bone-shaped biscuits for Doug and Peanut Butter & Apple heart shaped treats for Tammy.

I also used the Texas Dog Food Company kibble for canine enrichment. In the morning I sprinkle part of their meal portion on the snuffle mats I’ve made (check the DIY snuffle mat instructions). Searching for their food gives them a little bit of mental stimulation.

How Long Will Kibble Stay Fresh?

Once opened, dry kibble dog food should be used within 6 weeks, according to Pet MD. While it’s tempting to buy in bulk, once dry food is opened, the oxidation process begins. That means that when the air gets in, fats and oils in the food start to break down.

Which is yet another reason why Texas Pet Food Company kibble is great! Not only is it manufactured in Texas in small batches, it comes in individual 8 pound bags.

You can order 8, 16 or 24 pounds at a time (or more!). But that doesn’t mean bigger bags — it means multiple 8-pound bags of food. That means that your food stays fresher, because only 8 pounds at a time is exposed to air.

Dog Food Storage Tip: Don’t dump dog food into a plastic bin! As the fats and oils oxidize in the air, they are absorbed into the plastic and can affect the taste. Keep food in its original packaging. Put the food (bag and all) in a bin if you need to keep away other critters.

Why I Don’t Feed My Dog Fresh Food

Last year I posted a review on The Farmer’s Dog. My dogs loved it. But, my 2-week order for one dog took up a full shelf of my freezer. And the cost was prohibitive. If I fed both dogs on 100% Farmer’s Dog (no kibble), it would have cost me over $700 per month. I love my dogs. But not that much.

Some people also like to feed raw food. And that’s fine, but feeding raw requires that you do some research. It’s not just feeding raw meat and some veggies. It’s all about understanding the nutritional needs, vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins and carbs that your dog needs.

If that’s you, I salute you.

For my dogs, feeding this kibble means that I can feed a convenient quality product that’s nutritionally dense and Texas made, so it’s not sitting on the shelf for months. And, I can customize the food so it has those little extra dog food add ins for great taste. Plus, I love buying from a Texas small dog food business, based in Houston. I know you will too!

Shop online at and use promo code HoustonDogMom$20 at checkout to get $20 off your first order ($29 minimum).

Affiliate Notification: HoustonDogMom received complimentary products in order to write this review. But, my opinions, and the taste buds of my dogs, aren’t for sale. If we didn’t like it, I wouldn’t be writing it. 🙂 Your purchase of Texas Pet Food Company products using HoustonDogMom$20 gives you a discount, lets me give back to local dogs, and helps keep my doggies in kibble!

Houston Dog Mom is a Houston-based dog lover and shelter volunteer. Doggos "Doug" and "Tammy" also help out with the writing.

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