dog in a bath tub
One of many dogs I've bathed at the Harris County Animal Shelter

About Houston Dog Mom

In the beginning, I was a normal dog owner.

Then I was introduced to the world of dog rescue and dog shelters. And an obsession was born.

Now that I'm a dog mom, I think about dogs more than is healthy. And you get to benefit from my canine compulsion.

Meet the Houston Dog Mom Team

Most of the content here is written by Rebecca. If it's written in "ruff english" it's written by Doug or Tammy. Hopefully, you will be able to tell the difference.

Rebecca of Houston Dog Mom

Rebecca G

Houston Dog Mom

I was a cat person for years. Then I went to the dog side.

I'm a volunteer at Harris County Animal Shelter, and a videographer for Urgent Shelter Pets Houston. My day job is at, helping folks shop for electricity.

doug is a good boy.

Douglas MacArthur

Number One Doggo

I'm a catahoula-husky-blue heeler mix. The perfect first dog for a cat lover (BOL!).

She should have named me "Houdini" since I'm an escape artist. But I do always return.

tammy lynne

Tammy Lynne


I still act like a puppy. I'm a big boned girl who doesn't know my size. My favorite thing to do is de-stuff toys. And one day I'm going to catch a squirrel.

Mom says I'm lucky I'm so cute.

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