The place for Houston Dogs ... and their Moms.

NOTE: we are in the process of a site redesign. For most recent articles, see our Happy Tails Blog, first tab above!

Houston Dog Mom is a site for all things dog in Houston. And it's a site for dog moms everywhere. It's a resource for Houston dog events, dog wellness, dog boarding, dog grooming, funny dog videos, dog product reviews. And everything doggie in between.

It's for dogs of all sizes and breeds, from teacup chihuahuas to wolfhounds, with a special love for big-headed block-head dogs (#bigheadbigheart).

Houston Dog Mom brings you:

  • Happy Tails Blog. This is where most of our content resides!!!
  • Food. Reviews of dog food and dog treats. Plus recipes for dogs and dog moms.
  • Wellness. Common dog ailments, "what kind of mange is that?" and the magic of coconut oil
  • Play. Dog toys, dog parks, dog-friendly bars and restaurants.
  • Training. Training tips and resources.
  • Rescue. Houston is home to hundreds of thousands of strays. Rescue one.
  • And of course, get your Dog Fix with videos.

Take a look around. Sniff. Mark your territory (a.k.a bookmark us). Then sit and stay a while.