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Affordable Vet Care & Vaccinations in Houston

Looking for affordable vet care in Houston? We all want what’s best for our pets, but we need affordable vet care that fits our budget. Here are cheap vet clinics that offer affordable vet care that is also high quality care.

These recommendations are based on rescuer and dog owner opinions collected via Facebook. Vets are not endorsed by HoustonDogMom.com

Affordable Vet Clinic in Houston

You want to keep your pet healthy, which means regular check ups and vaccines. Here’s our list of affordable vet clinics in Houston that offer general care.

Vet Clinic ServicesLocation
Affordable Pet ClinicLow cost diagnostic and surgical services. Full service vet.77093
Alief Animal HospitalLow cost vaccinations, spay/neuter, dental. Full service vet.77072
Cy-Fair Animal HospitalHigh tech vet care at low tech prices. Full service vet.77429
EmancipetNon-Profit vet clinics offering preventative care and vaccines. Spay/Neuter by appointment.77023
Kaaws ClinicWellness and preventative care, dental and spay/neuter.77095
Long Drive Dog and Cat HospitalFull service vet clinic with 6 doctors; open until 4pm on Saturdays.77087
North Line Veterinary ClinicFull service vet clinic, including wellness, dental, spay/neuter, labs, x-rays77022
NVC-Groves (Wilcox Veterinary)Neighborhood Veterinary Center – Groves is a bit of a drive from Houston. But they work with multiple rescue groups and are known for affordable orthopedic work. If your dog has a broken leg or hip, get an appointment here!77619
Pet Care ExpressWellness clinic for vaccines that also offers low cost dental cleaning. “Home of the $9 office visit.”77030
PetWorks ExpressWellness clinic plus low cost spay/neuter, preventative care and vaccinations. Also known for their orthopedic works.77077
Pearland Canine Resource CenterFull service clinic for cats & dogs Tuesday & Thursday. Other days are low cost vaccinations, wellness, nail trim, ear cleaning, HW treatment.77584
Ready Pet HoustonFull service vet clinic, offering wellness, vaccines, minor wound treatment.77025
Thrive Affordable VetFull service vet clinic.Multiple Locations

Note that vet clinics that specialize in “preventative care” and “wellness care” may not be able to help if you pet needs an emergency vet.

Thrive, VCA and PetSmart / Banfield Pet Hospital offer monthly membership plans that include annual check-ups and vaccinations. If your dog has ongoing issues like skin conditions or ear infections like my Tammy, pay the monthly membership fee to get 10% discount and waived office visit fee.

low cost pet vaccinations in houston texas

Affordable Pet Vaccinations in Houston

If your dog just needs their annual vaccines, here’s where to get low cost vaccinations for your dog or cat.

Vet Clinic ServicesLocation
AZ Mobile Pet VaccinesThose banners you see in front of various CVS, PetSuites and other locations? That’s A-Z Mobile Pet Vaccines. Check their site for dates and locations. Exam, DHPP, Leptospirosis, Bordetella, heartworm test, & rabies for $99.Multiple
CAP Cornelius ClinicExam, DA2PP, Rabies, Heartworm Test, & Deworm is $85. Interceptor plus HW $7-$11/month. Open Weds/Thur/Sat, appointment required.77094
Critter Fixer (Valley Veterinary Center of Spring)Low cost vaccination clinic held Saturdays 9am – 1pm. Annual dog pack: vaccine exam, DAPPV, Rabies vaccine, heartworm test for $90.77379
EmancipetExam, DAPPV, Rabies vaccine, heartworm test for $60.77023
Harris County Pets Resource CenterExam, DAPPV, Rabies vaccine, heartworm test for $50.77076
Houston Humane SocietyExam, DAPPV, Rabies vaccine, heartworm test for $65.77053
Kaaws ClinicExam, DAPPV, Rabies vaccine, heartworm test for $88.77095
Low Cost Pet Vaccinations*BEST VALUE!* Exam, DAPPV, Rabies, Bordetella, Leptospirosis & heartworm test for $79.

Saturday & Sunday clinics, perfect for people who work! No appointment needed. Locations vary, check website for all locations in Houston.
Pet Care ExpressExam, DAPPV, Rabies vaccine, heartworm test for $71.77030
Pet CheckExam, DAPPV, Rabies vaccine, heartworm test for $67.77407
PetWorks ExpressExam, DAPPV, Rabies vaccine, heartworm test, dewormer for $108.77077
Pearland Canine Resource Center DAPPV, Bordetella, dewormer & heartworm test for $49. Rabies clinic 2X monthly. 77584
Ready Pet Vet ClinicExam, DAPPV, Rabies vaccine, heartworm test for $8877025
Texas Litter ControlExam, DAPPV, Rabies vaccine, heartworm test for $95.77380

Some of the best places for low-cost vaccinations? Your local animal shelter. Harris County Pets Resource Center’s Wellness Clinic and Houston Humane Society Wellness Clinic both offer low cost vet services.

If you use a mobile vet, just know that you will need to keep track of all your vaccination records. Since you may see a different vet at each mobile clinic, your vet will not have a central record of your pet’s shots.

These are annual costs that you can plan for. And you can also purchase insurance that covers general wellness and any emergency vet care. Whatever vet option you choose for your pet, having pet insurance is a good idea for maintaining their health and happiness for many years to come.

Affordable Orthopedic Treatment (Dog Broken Bones)

Orthopedic treatment is a specialty and higher cost. It the issue is a traumatic incident such as hit by a car, an emergency clinic is your best option to assess internal injuries and stabilize the patient.

But otherwise, broken bones don’t have to be an emergency situation.

After all, as I learned when I broke my leg, the ER will take x-rays, give you a temporary cast and tell you to make an appointment for orthopedic care. The follow up appointment may take a week or more.

Here are two clinics that veterinarians and rescues refer clients to for dog broken bones in Houston: