Dog Mom Resources

We are totally focused on the dogs. But sometimes the Houston Dog Mom needs a quick resource as her (or his) go to. Here are quick reference guides for the dog mom.

Best Subscription Boxes for Your Dog

Just like you have subscription boxes for food (Hello Fresh, Imperfect Produce) and clothes (Stitch Fix, Nordstrom Trunk), there are also subscription boxes for dogs.

Here are some of the more popular dog subscription boxes we’ve tried. These are ranked in order of preference.

  1. BullyMake  is the best subscription box out there. It’s the most expensive at $39/month, but use FB40 for 40% off your first box! These boxes are particularly made for power chewers. My 70 pound staffy mix (Tammy) loves their rope bones and chew toys, which seem to last forever. Plus, BullyMake is a local Texas company, headquartered in Dallas, Texas.
  2. RescueBox subscriptions start at $29.95 per month, less if you have a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription. Even better…your subscription supports animal vaccine and food donations to area shelters, through RescueBank and
  3. BarkBox subscriptions start at $24 and change depending on the weight of your dog. This is the most popular dog treat subscription box on the market.

Best Leash for Dogs

When I was a new dog owner, I fought the battle royale with my dogs. At various points, I used a basic chain dog collar, a prong collar, a gentle leader and even an e-collar.

The best thing I’ve found for walking my dogs is a slip lead, made out of heavy rope. The slip lead should be placed around the dog’s neck behind the jaw bone, not across their windpipe. Then use the slider to tighten.

This type of leash makes it easy to communicate with your dog, using a gentle pressure. After all, where the head goes, the body will follow.

Just-a-Cinch dog leash from Ruffwear is great quality, plus it’s reflective. Perfect for walking your dog after work.

Don’t forget to do your duty when you are on your walk. If your dog pops a squat, pick it up! This 8-pack of doggie doo-doo bags has cute sayings like Dog on Doodie, and Un-Loading Zone.

Where are the Best Dog Parks in Houston?

Here’s a list of best dog parks in Houston, from Houston on the Cheap.

How do I Find Dog Friendly Patios in Houston?

Nothing better on a sunny day than hanging with your best friend. Bring Fido lists 497 dog friendly patios in Houston.

What Foods are Bad for Dogs?

We’ve written an article on that! It includes information on what foods are bad for dogs and what fruits and vegetables dogs can eat. And, we touch on the Grain Free controversy.

Best Dog Boarding in Houston

Dog boarding in Houston ranges from kennels to doggie suites complete with a pool, couch, TV and video camera so you can check in on your sweet baby. We board at Paws Pet Resort, and have used them for years. Tammy and Doug love it!

Best Dog Trainers in Houston

Tammy the Tenacious has been with some of the best dog trainers in Houston. She now walks great on a leash and has a ribbon from her first (and only) obedience dog show. She still has a prey drive out the wazzoo and hates other dogs.

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Best Doggie Daycare in Houston

Best is, of course, subjective. And it’s also related to location. After all, Houston is huge. And you aren’t going to travel from Sugarland to Tomball to board your dog, no matter how good it is.

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