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Helping Homeless Dog Owners #ThisIsHouston

I admit it. I’m a Facebook junkie. And I love following the Facebook page This Is Houston.

#ThisIsHouston is a movement dedicated to bringing awareness to Houston’s stray epidemic, outreach for those in need, and education on Houston’s issues.

#ThisIsHouston has dedicated part of its efforts to bringing awareness to the homeless animal epidemic in Houston. In some cases, the homeless animals they come across have families that are homeless also.

And this story just about broke my heart.

Homeless in Houston

“This is my dad, Jeff. Dad is a good snack-picker. He always knows what I like. I hope he gets something in a can. I think dad calls it tuna. That stuff is delicious! I’m fine with sharing – what is mine is his, but he always tells me he isn’t hungry and let’s me eat it all. Maybe he just doesn’t know what good food reallys is.

My dad is a pretty good boy. Probably the bestest boy. He doesn’t even bite. He can go inside the store by himself while I watch our stuff. He’s good at maths so he always knows just how much food we can buy until we have to come back. Some days we can buy no foods at all, but it’s okay because dad has friends that bring me food. Sometimes they even bring tacos…those are my favorites! Dad says he doesn’t need to eat as much as I do, probably because he is Superman.

One time, dad tried to catch me to put a collar on me outside of Wal-Mart. I ran and I ran so fast because I thought we were playing. Then I left the slowpoke behind. I came back the next day, and we played again. It was so fun, but I hadn’t named him dad yet. He finally found the bestest collar for me, and I let him put it on. Then he said we had to move somewhere safer because we were a family now.

He calls me Boomerang because I always come back for him. He is so silly, of course I will come back for him. He needs protection! He can’t be walking around these streets just by himself. Who will scare away the mouses? Who will scare away the shadows? Yep, you guessed it – me!

All my friends say that I’m lucky to have my dad. I also have a buddy that comes to hang out with me, and I share my tuna. He said he doesn’t have a name so I just call him Buddy. We run and we play. He says one day, his dad told him to get out of the car, and that he would be right back. But it has been so many minutes and days and his dad hasn’t come back yet. He was itchy and scratchy like me until dad put medicine on both of us. Buddy comes back every day to this snack place to see if his dad has come back yet. But probably not, because his dad’s name is not Boomerang. I don’t know why his dad hasn’t come back. Maybe he got lost. Or maybe the mouses got him.

Dad said that we are going to Kansas City soon to meet grandma. I am excited. I have never had a grandma, but I hope she knows how to belly rubs. Dad was supposed to go before, but he didn’t want to leave without me. He said I will like the train and grandma’s house. He says to hang in there a little bit longer, and we will be home. But I’m always home with dad. And I will never leave him. I know he will never leave me.” – Boomerang

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Based on the outpouring of support, #ThisIsHouston updated the post with this information:

*Edit – After numerous requests for wanting to help, we’ve decided to update the post with our PayPal info. If you would like to help us continue this project and help us make our “#thisishouston Pup Packs” for other homeless families, you are welcome to donate here –

Boomerang & Jeff are the first recipients of our #thisishouston Pup Pack which includes dog food, flea and heartworm prevention, dewormer, dog collar and leash, blankets, sunscreen, paw ointment, clothes, socks, hygiene products, and a duffle bag.

We also offered Jeff a ticket to Kansas City and a foster for Boomerang, which he politely declined because he would miss him too much. We visit these dudes weekly to make sure they have what they need. They also have our contact info case they need anything immediately.

ThisIsHouston has dedicated part of its efforts to bringing awareness to the homeless animal epidemic in Houston. In some cases, the homeless animals we come across have families that are homeless also.


We’ve started the “Homeless in Houston” project in hopes that we can not only help homeless animals but also help their families too. 

Want to help? You can sponsor a ThisIsHouston Pup Pack for a homeless dog owner. Send donations via PayPal to, noting “Pup Pack.”

Thanks for supporting a great cause!

(NOTE: Photo is property of #ThisIsHouston and is from their FB page.)

HoustonDogMom Rebecca G. is a Houston-based dog lover and shelter volunteer.