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The Story of White Dog: How Fostering Saves Lives

What does it take to save a dog that no one wants? A woman with a big heart, willing to foster a dog 280 miles away.

“White Dog” was surrendered to Harris County Animal Shelter (HCAS) in Houston TX on December 19, 2019.

I first learned of her on December 22, through a post on the Facebook page Lost and Found Pets of Houston. Larry, who had turned her in to the shelter, was pleading for help to save her life.

As a Harris County Animal Shelter volunteer, I know the statistics on what dogs are adopted, and what dogs get out with rescue.

White Dog’s intake picture was horrendous. She was covered in blood. And on her shelter card, she was labeled as dog aggressive. Without some help, she was unlikely to make it out. I reached out to Larry on Facebook messenger.

White Dog’s intake picture at Harris County Animal Shelter.
Her intake notes said “Dog Aggressive”

How White Dog Ended Up at HCAS

Larry found White Dog after Hurricane Harvey.

During the next 2 years, she was part of the family, but spent significant time outside or in the garage, to separate her from their other two pit bulls who were territorial. Twice, White Dog fought with the family’s other two pit bulls.

The first time, she ended up with a tooth extraction and drainage tubes due to the extent of her wounds.

The second time, she ended up at Harris County.

White Dog was not the aggressor in either fight. But with a label of dog aggressive on her shelter intake form, it was unlikely she would walk out the front door.

One of the photos Larry, White Dog’s former owner, posted online.
How could we say no to that face?

Telling White Dog’s Story

There are multiple video networking pages featuring dogs at Harris County Animal Shelter. She was already posted on two networking pages.

On one page, an anti-pitbull group was hammering away at her, saying she should be put down as dog aggressive.We needed to tell White Dog’s story.

I regularly record videos at the shelter. I created a networking video using her intake picture, video I’d recorded at the shelter, and some of the photos Larry had originally posted.

The networking page Houston Save Lives is Our Mission agreed to post her. (You can view her full video online.)

Networkers at Saving Houston’s Pets agreed to help also.

Still shots from White Dog’s networking video.
Her eventual foster saw this video and stepped up to help.

A Foster Steps Up

On December 31, I was tagged in the post on Houston Save Lives is our Mission. We had a legitimate foster offer in Fort Worth, 280 miles away.

Lacey was a true miracle worker for White Dog by stepping up to foster. She had previously owned a mastiff and another large dog. And something in this dog hit a chord with her.

So Lacey spent New Year’s Eve contacting local rescues in her area. She found Apollo Support & Rescue, in Justin Texas, which was an approved HCAS rescue group.

White Dog Travels to Fort Worth

Due to distance, we transported White Dog to a half-way point between Houston and Fort Worth. At a roadside gas station, White Dog met her new foster family.

White Dog meets her Foster Family

White Dog Meets the Cats (!!) and Gets a New Name

White Dog saw a veterinarian immediately upon release from the shelter. She was treated for a urinary tract infection and upper respiratory infection. These ailments are common in shelter dogs after a 10-14 day stay, due to the cramped conditions.

When she was feeling better, she met the cats. How would that work with an “aggressive” dog? Fortunately, White Dog, nowrenamed Luna Moon, seems to get along well with most of the cats.

I like cats! They remind me of little dogs! But they have sharp claws.

Luna Moon likes toys, especially rope bones and toys with stuffing!

I like to play fetch! And I de-stuff toys to get the squeaker.

She enjoys cuddling. Here she is with foster mom. But we’re told she’s a daddy’s girl at heart.

Foster Mom Lacey gives me snuggles!
I get to dress up in sweaters, and Foster Mommy bought me a pink harness!

We asked Lacey why she fosters.

I foster because in every shelter dog or rescue dog I see my dogs who were goofy, lovable, playful, loyal and loving, and the biggest lap babies.

When I foster, I am not really giving anything up except patience, love and understanding. I am getting so much more in return from an animal that loves and cares for me unconditionally.

All it takes is one person to say, “I can help that one.” I can love that one even temporarily! A lot of dogs at the shelter or rescues need that. If you have the time or patience or love to give, try fostering.

Foster Lacey is considering adopting Luna Moon.

How You Can Help

Some dogs just need a chance. A person willing to fight for them. Someone to see beyond the labels. Someone to be their voice. This dog was loved; it just needed to find a way out.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Donate to Apollo Support & Rescue via paypal, to support their life-saving efforts for dogs like White Dog/Luna Moon.
  • Offer to foster for a rescue group near you.
  • Offer to foster for your local animal shelter.
White Dog’s former owners are in touch with her foster, sharing stories and medical records. They are happy that their White Dog is safe and in a foster home.

Houston Dog Mom is a Houston-based dog lover and shelter volunteer. Doggos "Doug" and "Tammy" also help out with the writing.



    I was one of the networkers who fought and fought for “white dog” when she was in the shelter.somerhing about her just touched my heart…..I begged and BEGGED until LACEY came on the thread and said she was considering fostering,so with little BEGGING and pleading ( not a whole lot) lacey told me she would do it…..I cant tell you how happy I was. Lacey regularly sends pics and I text her occasionally. Many thanks for doing this story it does show how much FOSTERING saves lives but also how much it touches so many lives. Thank you again

    • HouDogMom

      Lori, thank you so much for helping White Dog! I remember you posting on the networking pages! Thank you so much for your support of the animals at Harris County Animal Shelter!

    • Alison

      What a great story! So helpful to get dogs into safe, happy situations to allow their true personalities to show. All dogs are inherently good. It’s people that mess them up

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