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DuberDogs Pet Taxi Houston

Does Stella need to get to doggie day care but you have an important Zoom meeting? Or maybe Baxter needs to get a pawdicure but you have to be across town?

With DuberDogs, a Houston pet taxi service, you don’t have to worry about it. DuberDogs (think Uber for dogs) will pick up and deliver your dog where it needs to go.

Unlike Uber Pet, you don’t have to ride along with your furry friend. DuberDogs Houston Pet Taxi will take care of everything for you.

About DuberDogs Pet Taxi

Entrepreneur Ron Velez got the idea for DuberDogs while managing projects for his cleaning and remodeling business. He would drive by a doggie daycare in the Heights each day. He thought that a pet taxi service would be useful for busy families that needed some help managing their doggie duties.

Ron worked with a bus broker (yes, that’s a thing) and located just what he wanted — in Portland Oregon. But it was a perfect, air-conditioned mini-bus that could stand the wear and tear of Houston traffic. A cheap SWA flight later, and Ron and two friends were driving the bus 2,300 miles back to Houston.

duberdogs houston pet taxi

The bus is now retrofitted for dogs, including sturdy Ruff Land Performance Kennels attached to the floor of the vehicle. These crush-proof kennels help ensure your dog’s safety while traveling. (DuberDogs is also a local Houston dealer of Ruff Land Kennels.)

This is a much needed service for Houston pet owners. As Ron says, “Your daily schedules are hectic. Let us help out with the pets. We can deliver them to your doggie daycare, veterinarian, boarding, spa or groomer, and return them safely home.”

Ron is also focused on giving back to the Houston dog owner community as well. The bus came with signage on one side, from its previous life as a municipal bus. Ron is filling that space with “lost dog” signs from the area. Dog owners looking for a lost pet can send a flyer to Ron via DuberDogs Facebook Messenger.

DuberDogs Pet Taxi Services for Houston Dogs

Here are some ways DuberDogs can be your Houston dog taxi:

  • Drop off your dog at doggie daycare between 7am and 10am
  • Shuttle your dog to a grooming appointment
  • Pick up your dog at doggie daycare to bring them home between 3pm and 7pm
  • Pick up your dog at boarding so they can be home when you arrive back from a trip

DuberDogs can even arrange for housecleaning services for your home. Ron’s wife Maritza Velez owns Jenkins Quality Cleaning Services. Bonus!

duper dogs bus doors dog uber for pets pet taxi

How Much Does DuberDog Pet Taxi Cost?

Prices vary depending on the distance, but averages $40 per trip. DuberDogs is offering 20% off all bookings in September 2020 for their grand opening.

What Area of Houston does DuberDog Pet Taxi Service?

DuberDogs pet taxi service focuses on these areas of Houston:

  • Heights
  • Montrose
  • Midtown
  • Galleria
  • Kirby/River Oaks

With advance notice and reservations, DuberDogs can transport pets outside of this area as well.

How Do I Book DuberDogs Pet Taxi in the Houston Area?

You can book DuberDogs Pet Taxi by:

Phone: (832) 612-7049

Text: (832) 612-7049

Facebook Messenger: facebook.com/duberdogs

Ron Valez owner of duber dogs pet taxi service poses next to his pet transport bus

DuberDogs Special Event

Want to check out DuberDogs for yourself? You can tour the DuberDogs bus this weekend, Saturday September 12 from 9:30am to noon. They’ll be parked at West Memorial Loop, just west of the tennis center.

Get a tour of the bus, get your doggie a treat and enter to win 1 of 2 round-trip dog taxi rides within the DuberDogs service area.

map showing where the DuberDogs bus will be parked for grand opening.

Houston Dog Mom is a Houston-based dog lover and shelter volunteer. Doggos "Doug" and "Tammy" also help out with the writing.


  • Denise OConnell

    I’m 71 and may need assistance if my 70 # Labrador needs to get to the emergency animal hospital . She’s 12 and acting very largetic today and I’m worried about her.
    Yesterday we spent an entire hour watching with her chasing squirrels! She’s may have overextended herself. She’s eating a little this afternoon.
    I’m just trying to prepare if I need to get her care quickly.
    I’m going to call Uber Pet and Doggie Transportation to see if the driver can assist with lifting.
    Any suggestions would be extremely appreciated.
    Thank you,
    Denise & Velvet

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