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Homeless Owner Leaves Three Dogs At Shelter; How You Can Help

When humans go homeless, dogs go homeless too.

I met “Sarah” early Saturday morning in the parking lot at Harris County Animal Shelter in Houston Texas. She was waiting for the shelter to open.

I immediately noticed how healthy and well cared for the dogs were. Each was wearing their rabies tag, ID tag and microchip tag. Surely these dogs weren’t going to be surrendered?

Sarah told me she’s going through a divorce and is living out of her car, occasionally staying with friends. “I just can’t provide for my dogs anymore,” she said quietly.

Through texting, I learned more about the dogs, and Sarah’s hope for their future:

Unfortunately at the moment I am going through an extremely rough time and I just can’t care for them the proper way I want. I’ve had these dogs going on 3 years and love them very much. I pray they find a special home with loving kids/families and a big yard.

Now we need your help to find new homes for these three dogs.

Three Dogs Need New Homes


Perdy is a purty girl! She loves to give kisses and wants to be a lap dog when she grows up. Perdy is potty and kennel trained. She enjoys playing in water.

View Perdy’s networking video on Urgent Shelter Pets Houston. She is animal ID A549288 on

Perdy, A549288 at Harris County Animal Shelter, Houston TX


Hershey was found in the streets with his sister Perdy, and B’s had him for around 3 years. He loves swimming and baths, but prefers to dine alone (food guarding issues). He’s potty and kennel trained.

View Hershey’s networking video on Urgent Shelter Pets Houston. He is animal ID A549291 on

Hershey, A549291 at Harris County Animal Shelter, Houston TX

Mama, aka Carli/N’Awlins

B called this dog Mama, but said her real name is Carli. (She is also being called N’Awlins at the shelter.) Mama loves treats and wants to be a lap dog. She has an adorable underbite. She’s potty and kennel trained.

View Mama’s networking video on Urgent Shelter Pets Houston. She is animal ID A549289 on

Mama Carli, also known as N’Awlins, A549289 at Harris County Animal Shelter Houston TX

These dogs do not need to be adopted together. All three are slight heart-worm positive, but eligible for treatment through the shelter’s heartworm program. All three are good with dogs and kids, but not cat-friendly.

Adoptions must be done in person, at Harris County Animal Shelter, 612 Canino Road in Houston Texas.

How You Can Help

Across animal networking pages, people who surrender their pets are vilified. But what would you do if you had no resources, limited family connections, and no where to live?

We offered to help “Sarah” with a fundraiser to get her back on her feet. But she replied,

Thank you for your kindness. I really just wish for my pups to be adopted.

Let’s make her wish come true!

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HoustonDogMom Rebecca G. is a Houston-based dog lover and shelter volunteer.


  • Mauri McCall

    This is so sad! I hope her babies are adapted an not euthanized, because this young lady sounds like she is already going through so much without that heartbreak!

  • Susan

    Sharing in hopes an adopter or rescue will save ALL three of them plus. ???.
    Do not know if you are aware of Downtown Dog Rescue in Los Angeles, CA. They have grown and are AMAZING. They “triage” incomings pets in a high kill facility and help low income people who love ❤️ their pets keep them, bail them out and euthanize with dignity at a private vets. I’d like to clone them. They’ve grown and have a rescue facility also.