sadie injured puppy at harris county animal shelter

Puppy Found With Massive Head Wound Needs Your Help

Staff at the Harris County Animal Shelter in Houston Texas have seen a lot. But staff and volunteers were horrified yesterday when a citizen brought in a 6-week old puppy with severe injuries.

Sadie had emergency surgery thanks to the shelter director.

According to networking page Urgent Shelter Pets Houston:

This little puppy was found and brought to the Harris County Animal Shelter yesterday morning (1/21/20). She had a huge laceration over the cranium and the hard palate (top of mouth) had been separated from the maxilla (upper jaw), exposing the turbines (nasal passages). The upper left canine tooth and adjacent teeth were gone.

Dr. White, director of the shelter, did his best to close the large cranial laceration and suture the hard palate back into place. This puppy was up and trying eat shortly after surgery. She WILL need additional surgeries!”

The shelter director performed surgery to re-attach Sadie’s palate to the roof of her mouth. She will likely need additional surgery.

A shelter staff member took the puppy home with her on Tuesday night.

Sadie has started her long road to recovery.
We’re hoping she will fully recover with Wag Again Rescue’s care!

On Wednesday morning, Wag Again Rescue stepped up to take on the care of this puppy, who they have named Sadie.

As an Approved Medical Rescue for Harris County Animal Shelter, Wag Again takes on some of the more difficult medical cases the come in to the shelter.

Legally, the shelter must hold stray animals for three days to allow an owner to reclaim the pet. As a medical rescue, Wag Again can remove an injured animal from the shelter before that three-day stray hold is up.

Wag Again posted:

It is unsure if the nasal passage will ever be normal, but they (veterinarians) are going to try their best for this little girl! She’s a fighter! She isn’t giving up, and so we certainly aren’t going to give up on her either.

How You Can Help:

Wag Again Rescue needs your donations to help Sadie and the many other dogs they rescue in the Houston area.

You can donate to Wag Again Rescue:

  • Paypal:
  • Venmo: @wagagain (account will say Greg Stroud, who is the executive director of Wag Again.)
  • Zelle: [email protected]
  • On their site:

Can’t donate? You can still help through social media! Every share, like and comment helps her be seen by more people:

UPDATE 1/26/2020:

Sadie is being treated at Wilcox Veterinary Clinic in Houston. She is recovering, though her airway is being monitored around the clock. She will likely require more surgery on her sinus cavity and airway, but they would like to wait until she is bigger and stronger. Per the rescue, this was likely caused by an animal attack, the damage was not inflicted by humans.

Note: Urgent Shelter Pets Houston is a networking page run by shelter volunteers and is not affiliated with the Harris County Animal Shelter.

All photos from Wag Again Rescue’s Facebook page.

Houston Dog Mom is a Houston-based dog lover and shelter volunteer. Doggos "Doug" and "Tammy" also help out with the writing.


    • Janet Shaw

      I just donated $500.00 for this baby. Sending prayers and so much love. I don’t know how something so horrific could happen to a puppy without it being on purpose . If someone knows something say something. Animal cruelty is a felony . We are watching .?

      • HouDogMom

        Thank you for donating to Wag Again Rescue! Based on the veterinarians examination, they believe it’s more likely that the injury was inflicted by an animal, rather than a human. But Wag Again takes in multiple medical cases. Within 24 hours of pulling Sadie, Wag Again rushed to the aid of “Charlie” who had been hit with a baseball bat. We didn’t cover that story due to an investigation that was underway. But rest assured, Wag Again does good work and they will use your donation wisely.

  • Judy Ansnes

    Thank you so very much for your dedication, love, and healing hearts and hands… Not just for Sadie, but for every single animal you save, and those that you could/cannot. My deepest honor and respect to you all!!

    Please, please let me know this one thing… Is she going to be adoptable? If so, please contact me at [email protected]. This little lady deserves love and a good home full of ot. And I have a spot on the couch right next to me and my other furr babies with her name all over it!!

    I am truly serious. Please let me know…

    • HouDogMom

      Thank you so much for your comment! She will be available through Wag Again Rescue. You can contact them to apply! If not, there are so many pups in Houston that need homes. Please consider visiting Harris County Animal Shelter, BARC or the shelter nearest you.

  • Hazra Khan

    God Bless this innocent little puppy and her medical team for helping her. I hope this little baby gets the justice she deserves

    • HouDogMom

      They believe it was due to an animal attack. And people are sharing her story and supporting the rescue, Wag Again Rescue, which was our goal!

  • carole powell

    have had a horrible year financially, so cannot help that way, but do care about the updates on this poor pup – please keep us updated