gluten free organic dog treats for valentines day
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The Doggie Express – Best Dog Treats in Houston

We’ve already established I’m not a DIY person. (For proof, here’s my post where I make my own dog treats.)

So when I thought about making my own DIY Valentine’s Dog Treats, I reached out to The Doggie Express (DEX) to find out how they make their treats look and taste amazing.

First a little about them, then on to my DIY Decorated Dog Treats.

valentine's day dog treats frosted treats from The Doggie Express

About The Doggie Express

DEX started in 2014 the brainchild of Kelly Long. Kelly is a scientist by training (PhD in Physiology).

After her dog got sick eating some commercially available dog treats, Kelly began researching how to make high quality dog treats.

When an Edible Arrangements truck passed her one day, something sparked. What about making beautiful dog treats, and delivering them to customers?

From that idea grew a business that now serves 24 retail locations (see list on their website), including the Bucc-ee’s in Waller, WoofGang Bakery, Flying M Feed Co, Patsy’s Pet Market and Rocky & Maggie’s Pet Boutique. They also have a pop-up shop for the holidays in The Galleria, 1st floor near Peli Peli.

You can also buy direct from The Doggie Express, selecting specific products, or by signing up for DEX Swag, a monthly treat box subscription. (More on that below)

Best Dog Treats in Houston Texas

DeX likes to say “We wouldn’t feed our dogs something we wouldn’t eat ourselves.”

So of course I tried them. (Don’t YOU taste your dog’s treats? Surely I’m not the only one?)

After tasting them myself, I can honestly declare that I think they are the best dog treats in Houston Texas (and beyond).

blueberry bacon crunch cookies dog treats from The Doggie Express
Blueberry Bacon Crunch Cookies

All treats are made with human-grade ingredients and local sourcing. All treats are organic, grain free, gluten free and dairy free. This helps avoid allergens. For example, their products include:

The Doggie Express Dog Treats

Doggie Express makes a range of treats including:

  • Woofins – Mini muffin biscuits in 5 flavors including blueberry bacon, peanut butter banana and cranberry almond
  • Pupcakes -Cupcakes for your pup
  • Cookies — Variety including decorated or undecorated cookies, and the popular crunch cookies in several yummy flavors. (Try the Blueberry Bacon Crunch. Trust us, they are delicious!)
  • Ice Cream – Made from almond milk, in Strawberry Banana, Peanut Butter Banana, Peanut Butter Banana Bacon and Ruffy Road.
  • Bones Day Cakes — Personalized for your buddy’s birthday.
  • Jerky — Both Clucker and Moo Chew variety (chicken or beef) in 1/4 and 1/2 pound jars

If you’ve sampled any of the treat and toy boxes and found the treats a little lacking, The Doggie Express offers an alternative. Called DEX SWAG, it’s a monthly subscription service of yummy treats. You can pick your own assortment, or get the monthly selection, aka The DeX Boneyard, for just $25 a month.

Why Royal Icing and Not Yogurt?

Many DIY Pinterest dog treats use yogurt as a frosting base. DEX uses Royal Icing. Turns out many dogs are lactose intolerant. Dairy can cause gas and diarrhea. Not what you want for a special treat. The sugar in the icing is less then the sugar level in many yogurts.

Making Frosted Valentine’s Dog Treats

Now on to my tour!

When I entered the DEX bakery, I was greeted by Quality Control Staff Dexter and Ellie.

dogs at The Doggie Express
Dexter & Ellie (Quality Control) greeting me.

I was amazed at the array of beautiful decorated cookies they were making, and asked how they come up with their ideas.

gluten free and grain free dog treats in Houston
Amazing variety and colors.

Turns out, some of the ideas come as direct requests from store owners, but most of the ideas come from their bakers. Their staff includes a trained chef from Le Notre Culinary School, a graphic designer and artists.

valentines day and st patrick's day dog treats

I watched one of their experts to get the idea of it. Seemed easy enough.

decorating dog treats gluten free organic
The staff at The Doggie Express have this perfected…

A few basic instructions and I was on my way. Hmm. Not as easy as it looked.

applying frosting DIY dog treats
Not exactly as easy as I expected.

My finished product wasn’t bad for an amateur, but wouldn’t have passed The Doggie Express Final Inspection due to its uneven coating.

I mean, seriously. Look how gorgeous these are.

gluten free decorated dog treats applying frosting
Absolute perfection.

My conclusion? DIY is fine for everyday, but you want professional decorated dog treats for a special occasion. Thankfully, The Doggie Express offers a beautiful assortment.

The Doggie Express Valentine’s Day Dog Treat Offer

Want to treat your doggie to something special? How about a gift for your favorite dog rescuer? Here are some options to choose from.

The Doggie Express mini-pack is 6 mini cookies (each 1-2 inches) for just $10!

gluten free organic dog treats
6 mini-cookies for only $10. Perfectly packaged for gift-giving to your favorite pup!

Or for the gift that says “I Woof You,” purchase the large gift box (shown below) for $45 or a smaller version for just $25.

gluten free grain free decorated dog treats
Large gift box assortment. Cookies, woofins, jerky.

HoustonDogMom Rebecca G. is a Houston-based dog lover and shelter volunteer.